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Cam on Wheels Academy

New opportunities for young people with a day use indication!

From September 2021, Cam on Wheels in Rotterdam will start with learning-work trajectories for young people with disabilities and a day spending indication!

Cam On Wheels is a film production house where young people with and without disabilities can develop their talents as filmmakers. Both secondary special education (VSO) and graphic lyceum students are active in our film production house on a daily basis. Under the guidance of teachers, they attend classes and workshops together and make film productions. The Cam on Wheels studio really has an 'inclusive' character.

Cam on Wheels was founded in 2016 and now mainly receives young people who are training in regular or special education. From September 2021, Cam on Wheels also offers young people who leave the VSO with a daytime activity indication the opportunity to follow a work-study trajectory.


Many young people with a disability end up at home after secondary (special) education.

The possibilities for further education, work or daytime activities often do not sufficiently match the wishes and needs of the young people.

As of September 2021, Cam on Wheels will therefore start offering work-study programs for young people with disabilities, for whom spoken communication is a challenge and who have the need to develop further. The condition is that you are enthusiastic about working with film and media and that you have a daily activity indication. (via Zorg in kind or PGB)

In this work-study trajectory you learn to use film as a tool in communication with others. You will learn to film, edit and present in a dynamic creative environment.

You will work together with students from the Grafisch Lyceum who are also following a filmmaking course. In addition, you will work with themes such as personal growth and employee skills.

It takes two years to follow a work-study program at Cam on Wheels, during which you come to our film production house two or three days a week.

At the completion of your work-study program you will receive a Cam on Wheels certificate and you will have a beautiful portfolio that you can proudly present. After completion of the processes, we look together at the possibilities and opportunities for a pleasant workplace inside or outside Cam on Wheels.


The Cam on Wheels film production house is on the Lloydstraat in Rotterdam. The building has an elevator and an adapted toilet.

What is it you do?

The working days start at 09:30. We close at 3:30 PM.

After a daily joint start, you will get started with the following activities:

You take film and editing classes
You create your own portfolio with assignments and projects
You work together on film productions
You follow training courses aimed at personal growth and employee skills.

For whom?

Young people (18 - 25) with a disability and a daily activity indication.

If you have a physical disability that makes it difficult to operate equipment, we always look for tailor-made solutions. So that it is also possible for you to film and edit. Fortunately, we already have good experiences with it. We work in groups of a maximum of 6 young people. You will be supported by a coach, you will be taught by a film teacher and you will work together with students from the graphic lyceum.

If you need ADL help or make use of nursing help, we will be happy to discuss how we can organize this properly.


If you are interested in an apprenticeship at Cam on Wheels, we cordially invite you to contact us by phone or email.

We will then make an appointment for an introduction at our film production house in Rotterdam.