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Corona Vlogkanaal

The difficult years of Covid19 are now over, but when the pandemic broke out everyone had to go into lockdown. For the young people with disabilities and for whom this infection would have a major impact if they contracted it, it was extra tough. A world in which you suddenly cannot and are not allowed to see anyone physically, this has a major impact. Schools that are closed, young people in residential areas who were more or less locked up, or family members who have fragile health.

Partly due to funding from the JKF Children's Fund and the Handicapped Child Foundation, we were able to start a Vlog channel as the Com in Beeld Foundation / Studio Cam on Wheels. As a result, these vulnerable children and young people were still able to show and tell what they were doing at that time. This way they could still make contact with the people they loved and also to combat loneliness. Below you can see some of these vlogs. A documentary has also been made about this period. This was made by the interns who did an internship with us at the time. They drove all over the country and went to the young people to interview them from a distance. A very moving but beautiful documentary.

If you want to watch more vlogs, check out the YouTube channel: Com in Beeld Coronavlogs

Documentaire over het vlogkanaal

Charlotte's vlog

Loek's vlog

Valerie's vlog

Tom's vlog

Sara's vlog

Liam's vlog

Jelle's vlog

Niels vlog