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De toekomstmarkt 2023


Op 16 november 2023 waren wij aanwezig bij de allereerste editie van de toekomstmarkt in Rotterdam.

Meeting of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, KoersVO, BOOR Foundation and Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


On Thursday, September 7, a wonderful brainstorming afternoon took place in the Cam on Wheels studio.

Film education & special education


How does special education work? And what are the options in the field of film education for and with special education students? This was discussed during the afternoon on June 9, 2023 at the Filmhub Zuid-Holland event.

A film festival during the ISAAC Conference in Cancún, Mexico


A film festival during the ISAAC conference in Cancun, Mexico

Com in Beeld is organizing an international Film Festival


Studio Com in Beeld is holding an open day


Open day at Studio Com in Beeld. A very successful day!

The annual compilation of Stichting Com in Beeld


Here you can see a short summary of the activities that have been done by the crew of Studio Cam on Wheels and Stichting Com in Beeld.

Petition for reimbursement of voice computers in the House of Representatives


Today was a special day. The petition was presented in the House of Representatives to continue to reimburse speech computers.

Ministerie van OCW brengt een bezoek aan studio Cam on Wheels


There was a nice conversation with everyone about what the studio hopes to achieve in the future with regard to education. And what should change in education in general in the future.

Mooie respons op aflevering RTL4 "Dit is Holland"


The item of "This is Holland" has been broadcast.

Cam on Wheels was present at the Koers VO congress


Cam on Wheels was present at the Koers VO congress, both presenting and running production.

Recordings RTL4 program at studio Cam on Wheels


Recordings were made by the crew of RTL4 for the program "Dit is Holland".

Documentary by Jelle and Zeger in the making.


Documentary by Jelle and Zeger in the making.

Being creative during the lesson within digital image literacy


Another fun digital image literacy lesson has been given to the students.

Dilemmas municipality of Rotterdam


The first shooting day of the municipality of Rotterdam is over.

GGD documentary "positive"


The past period was the most impressive in its history for the Infectious Disease Control Department of the GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond. We looked back on the past year with various GGDs. How did they experience the events, what do they remember?