Wil je in het Nederlands bekijken?

Com in Beeld is organizing an international Film Festival

Did you already know about the international film festival in Cancun Mexico, which will be organized by ISAAC?

Do you also want to participate and show your own film in Cancun-Mexico? Then you can submit your film until 10-6-2023. Tell your story from your spot of the world in a short movie, vlog, docu or TikTok. Create this yourself or with others, with friends, family or your classmates. It can be about big or small to-pics such as your favorite dish, day out, your home, your school, activity, band, or just your personal story. You can add and com-bine it with your AAC modes, for example your Speech Genera-ting Device (SGD) or other AAC techniques, methods or modes such as gestures, icons, music, drawings, manual signing, written/spoken language. You can use a phone, tablet or camera or your voice computer. It is all about your story! https://isaac-online.org/english/conference-cancun/film-festival/


Do you need help or do you have a question about filming, film-montage, directing, producing or trans-ferring then the Cam on Wheels-crew is ready for you, www.cominbeeld.nl:
mascha@camonwheels.nl & jelle@camonwheels.nl


Distribute the poster with your family, friends, at your school, sports club or other places you visit!


Are You taking Part?